The beginning of MetaConnect

Sadique Uddin
Posted On: April 05, 2016

A good story is like a game-changer. Stories open doors, fuel new connections, form fresh prospects, and generate earnest networks. MetaConnect has established with a view to telling some success stories of itself and to weave some for others.

To make the objective possible, we considered ‘Digital Marketing’ as our tool, because this is a very uptrend and the ultimate future of the advertising industry in Bangladesh.

Digital media trend has been replacing traditional media for last few years’ business communities are gradually adopting and taking facilities from digital marketting agecies. On the other hand the interenet using penetration is thriving. According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) more than 130 million people, out of Bangladesh’s population of 160 million, use mobile phones while around 50 million people access internet.

Taking all these measures into account, Monjurul M Hasan, a visionary, Bangladesh-Sweden based entrepreneur along with his wife Shila S Hasan, who is also an experienced businessperson, have made a substantial investment in the explosive IT market in Bangladesh. However, MetaConnect is the first venture of its kind and formed in 2016 with the slogan ‘Empowering Your Brand’.

Tarik siddiki, an experienced business and IT professional, is also working with MetaConnect from the very beginning as Chief Marketing Officer. Apart from that MetaConnect has a small but young team. They are experienced and highly motivated to create something extraordinary in this sector. Each of our team members always stay connected, infuses and plays a partner role with their team members. The team is passionate about connecting with clients on a micro and a macro level.

MetaConnect is a full service digital marketing agency. We have offices both in Bangladesh and Sweden. Presently we are providing creative design, web development, developing mobile apps, optimization, social media and content marketing services to clients. Specially marketing restraurant and small business to create a brand and market position.

MetaConnect is obsessive about business insights and innovative technology, creative ideas and beautiful design.