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In the Age of Video Marketing

Sadique Uddin
Posted On: May 08, 2016

Today, in the marketing world everyone is talking about two things, actually it is like their lips are uttering about ‘mobile’ and ‘video’. This is the current trend which are following and applying by a significant number of people around the world. In Bangladesh with mounting number of internet users, people are also making best use of video marketing.

Consumers are adopting and accessing this trend meticulously. They are picking this particular medium to share their ideas rather than using (written) text. A research has found that our brains process visual data 60,000 times faster than text, and that 40% of people respond better to visual information than text.

It is not just an assumption that everyone loves videos, or at least it looks so. Watching videos in the digital has been securing the top position for last few years and almost everyone spends a significant amount of time viewing videos on social world.

It is estimated that video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. In the meantime, the average amount of time spent watching digital video is projected to increase by 20% in 2016. The growing preference on image based digital content is taking over the place of word based communication. This shifting is happening briskly because the competition is enormous and the urgency to get things immediately is a growing phenomenon.

Past studies show that the intense desire to watch videos have forced many of us to take the concept of video marketing and take full advantageous of it in recent times.

The rate of using this medium as a marketing tool is magnificent. From small to big companies are already acquiring the benefit of it. Making video is now not like the past, it is very cost-effective. These features have also contributed to emerge this trend as one of the most brand marketing tool in present time. A report by Forrester Research shows that over 76% of digital shoppers find a company more reliable if it features visual content on its site. More surprisingly, after google, YouTube is now the second largest search engine.

Video is revolutionising digital marketing. And many businesses using the popularity and advantages of some free video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and We chat. Let me give you some info and then you will realize how video content is ruling in digital marketing.

  1. Facebook currently boasts more than 10 billion daily video views, with more than 700 million people watching videos on the site every day. Over 3 million small businesses posted video to Facebook
  2. Instagram has the facility to upload short videos and over 400 million monthly active users are on Instagram, and almost 90% are younger than 35 (41% are between 16 and 24).
  3. Of Twitter’s more than 320 million monthly active users and there are more than 40 million registered users of Vine, the video sharing app used by Twitter.
  4. Over a billion people use YouTube, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on it and generate billions of views. And the rate of spending time on YouTube is about 60%.

The figure of other social media platform is also overwhelming. Needless to mention that each platform has unique requirements, metric measurement capabilities and sharing features to keep track of and has this to say about video length. One need to understand that the system very well and make the video accordingly. Otherwise all attempts of flourishing your business will be in vain. So if your venture is struggling to establish a strong place in digital marketing, don’t look back just make a good friendship with the promotional video production.

Another research by Forrester Research says that a video is worth 1.8 million words, highlighting its potential in marketing. Wow!! Isn’t it enchanting? Furthermore, it is found that before reading the text you posted, 60% of your visitors first check the visuals available and this type of content has 41% higher click-through than texts or print ads.

But telling stories through video is not the only purpose of brands’ presence on various social media platforms today. It is about to connect with consumers in such a way which is favourite to many of us. Expert says that numbers don't lie and if this is the case, then video has come of its own as the future of business marketing. This prediction is also applicable for Bangladesh too.

Wherever you look in the global marketing area, now people are taking the digital video services for marketing and promotion. According to Nielsen Study, 70% of digital traffic will be in this format by 2017. You can deny this projection but you cannot ignore the growing demand of what people are now experiencing.

This is kind of overwhelming for many Bangladeshi business sectors, because they thought video production is not engaging and costlier. The truth is video production is no longer an extravagance for the owners. If you cherish to grow your business with the time and want to sustain then you must need to adhere all the trends in the digital marketing arena and video marketing is a must tool you need to consider.

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